About Guinea Pigs

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2016-02-10_031002Guinea Pigs are today one of the most popular pets all over the world but did you know that several hundred years ago, the European explorers who were traveling through South America, returned home with guinea pigs and soon after this they became popular pets because of their lovely nature. Nowadays, there are more that 10 different breeds of guinea pigs with lots of color combinations and coat types. Guinea Pigs are considered to be an “easy” pets but before buying one, please answer several questions :

  • Are you ready to provide proper care for guinea pig’s entire lifespan?
  • Do you have enough time and knowledge to keep your pet in healthy condition?
  • Do you have the appropriate housing for guinea pig?
  • Do you understand that male and female guinea pigs shouldn’t be housed together?

If your answer is YES you can go and buy one of the most lovely and most beautiful pet – a guinea pig. Remember that the average size of this pet is from 20cm to 40cm, depending on the type and the average life span is 4-8 years.

Interesting Fact :The  longest living guinea pig lived about 15 years.

Remember, that guinea pigs are loving companions and very social pets. They require daily attention and communicate by making different sounds. You can learn the meaning of this sounds at our website.

2016-02-10_032857Should I get one guinea pig or two?

The best toy that you can buy for guinea pig is …another guinea pig. This animals are very social and enjoy living together. If you have one and don’t have enough place to keep another one, don’t despair because you are going to be his best friend. But keep in mind that while males can live together in pairs, it’s better to keep them in small groups. You should also never keep male and female guinea pigs together.

personalityGuinea Pigs Personalities

We all know that all people are unique and have different personalities. Guinea pigs are absolutely the same. Every guinea pig has unique individuality, while most of them have some things in common. Your pet can be a little shy at first. Please, don’t chase your pet if it don’t want to play. Your pig takes some time to get to know you and that’s the main meaning why it can be a little nervous at the beginning. Don’t be afraid – very soon you will become the best friends.

Our website – GuineaPigOwner.com is the homepage of Guinea Pig Owners. You will find everything about those little lovely creatures here as well as rather interesting facts about them. If you already have guinea pig or just thinking about buying one, please read about their care tips, their common health problems and so on. Anyway, I am sure that you have already made your choice. Browse our website, join the interesting discussions, ask questions about your pet or even send us their photos.  We wish you and your guinea pig a lot of positive emotions <3