Abyssinian Guinea Pig

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abyssinian-cavy_bigAbyssinian Guinea Pig is in fact one of the oldest breeds which is very popular all over the world. Abyssinia is the name of present-day Ethiopia but those guinea pigs did not originate from there. The main reason why it’s called Abyssinian pig is that it’s similar to Abyssinian cat in color pattern. The birthplace of this breed considered to be South America. If you are searching for something unusual and at the same time not too difficult to take care of, the Abyssinian Guinea Pig will be the great choice. They are known for their tufts on coat, which is called rosettes.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Personality and Temperament

Among all breeds, this one seem to be most naughty. Even though that every pig has it’s own personality, it common for Abyssinian to be curious and sometimes they get into trouble because of this. This pigs love the company of humans and enjoy playing. All of them are very energetic and if you manage to develop a good relationship with your pet it will become a lovely and great friend.

Caring For Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Even though that caring for this breed is a bit more difficult. All you have to do is to brush its hair at least once in 2-3 days to avoid tangles. That takes a few minutes and the pig loves it, so you won’t have any problems with that.

Color Variety
There are a lot of different colors, but the most common are :
Brindles – this is mix of black and red hairs. According to that you can buy light brindles or dark brindles.
Tortoiseshells – those have patches of colors and have spots of red and black.
Roans – those guinea pigs have mixtures of the white color. You can view the pictures below.


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