Guinea Pig Bathing

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guinea_pig_bathNone of guinea pig breeds love bathing and getting wet. That make them very nervous that’s why you should not bathe them until their hair looks really dirty or you smell urine. If you decided to bathe your piggy make sure you are prepared for the process and gathered all the items you will need : shallow wash tub, shampoo ( there are special shampoos for the guinea pigs available but you can use dog/cat shampoos. I use the Johnson’s Baby shampoo for my guinea). You will also need a soft towel to dry your pet.  Guinea pigs are very sensitive that’s why you should make sure that the water is not hot, it should be warm. At the beginning you should pour a little water over the piggy to get it wet and then add shampoo. Important : avoid hitting water or shampoo on head,eyes or ears. When you are done, make sure you rinse all the shampoo and dry your  pet quickly. Please note that you should not EVER blow a dryer on your pig because the skin is very sensitive and the dryer will hurt it.

bathing_guinea_pigTry not to bathe your guinea pig during winter season unless it’s absolutely necessary. Remember that the guinea pig can get sick if you fail to dry your pet quickly. Also keep in mind that baby guinea pigs (under 2-3 months) as well as pregnant or nursing should never have bath.

Useful Advice : During the bathing process, speak with your guinea pig or give it something to chew. My piggy loves chewing all the time and this makes him less nervous. Anyway, if you have any questions about this topic please feel free to post your comments below.