Guinea Pig Cage Setup

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guinea_pig_cageIn fact, this is one of the most important guide for guinea pig owners and I am sure that everyone should read it even before buying a guinea pig. If you already have a guinea pig and planning to buy a new cage our advice will help you to find the perfect one for your pet. Before buying a new cage for guinea pig you should realize that it will be the place where guinea pig lives,sleeps and spend most of the time.  A proper cage for guinea pig is the first step to make their life happy and healthy.

Buying a perfect cage for guinea pig is very important but most of the owners make a common mistake – when they buy a little guinea pig whey choose a small cage. That’s normal at the beginning when the piggy is little but you should realize that it will grow up very fast. Then you will have to buy a larger cage. Please keep in mind that if you keep your guinea pig in a small cage, it can become the main cause of overweight problem for your pet, because there is no space to run and burn fat.  That’s why it is so important to buy the proper cage.

maxresdefaultAccording to your budget you have to choose the biggest cage for your guinea pig. Many people think that 3 square feet is enough for one piggy but I don’t think so. For me, the ideal size of cage should be up to 7 square feet. Guinea pig should have some space to run and exercise and that’s the best way to keep your pig in a healthy conditions. Without those exercise you can cut their lifespan by several years.

Some people decide to buy a two guinea pigs and keep them together. That’s a good idea but again, you should think about the cage. Of course, the cage should be bigger because each guinea pig will claim an area in the cage. I recommend you to aim cage with at least 11 square feet of space. If there is not enough space in the game, two male guinea pigs can fight for territory.

Some useful information about finding the perfect bedding for the cage is also available at our website, in the section of Frequently Asked Question.  Here is the link What kind of bedding should I use in the cage?