Guinea Pig Care In 5 Easy Steps

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Nowadays, Guinea Pig seem to be the most “easy to care” pet but as soon as bring one home, you will realize that your new pet needs substantially more care. Before buying a guinea pig you should must find out all details in order to provide your pig with proper care.  Guinea pigs, like ferrets, rabbits and other mammals require environment distinct from cats or dogs. The simple steps below will teach you how to make your piggy feel comfortable.

cageStep 1 . Space

Each pig requires some space. It’s better to buy a big cage for guinea pig because it requires some ample space to move. The ideal home for guinea pig is at least 19 inches wide, 15 inches high, and 26 inches deep. Traditional stainless steel cages for cats will be a good choice. Some use aquariums but we don’t recommend to use it because of the bad ventilation. Make sure that there is no dog or cat in the room with guinea pig because this can be a problem for a shy piggy. Remember that your pet will try to eat everything, so make sure that everything in the cage is nontoxic.


hold_guinea_pigStep 2.  Get a Little Closer

You should know that all guinea pigs are social animals and require contact with human. Even though they are easily stressed you should not afraid of this if you handle it carefully. The key to success is to pick up the rodent slowly and carefully. Just place one hand under his chest and and then cup your hand under his hindquarters. Only after this actions you can lift your little piggy. Check out the picture how to hold it properly.


Step 3. Green vegetables for your pig

You can feed guinea pig with special food which is available in the shop, but they require a lot of vitamin C, that’s why you must give fresh fruits and veggies. More about this you can read at our website.

cleaningStep 4. Cleanup your guinea pig

Even though that the piggies do their best to themselves clean, their require your help, especially the long haired breeds. Their hair requires constant brushing to stay clean and beautiful. Also you should keep in mind that the guinea pigs use cage for bedding and toilet, this means that you must clean the cage once in 2-3 days or as soon as you smell the urine. Try to clean the water battle daily to prevent any problems.


Step 5. Pair Them Off

Try not to cage several guinea pigs together until you find out that they are the same sex. It’s better to keep guinea pigs in small groups and of course – keep male and female in different cages.  You should also know that 2 male pigs can fight with each other.

So, there are only 5 easy steps to follow if you already have or going to buy one. Of course those steps are rather simple but may vary according to breeds. You can find more information about each breed at our website.