Guinea Pig Exercises

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Humor-funny-art-animals-dumbbells-gyms-working-out-guinea-font-b-pigs-b-font-font-bMany people ask how often guinea pig need to exercise to be in healthy fit. The answer is simple enough. At least once a day your guinea pig should have some time to run around and in this way exercise. Remember that guinea pigs love to explore new “lands” so make sure you watch them during their “floor time” because they can damage something easily if you leave them without attention. Try to make this exercises safe for guinea pigs : remove electrical wires and not let them chew anything toxic. If the guinea pig is fat and lazy, you can use it’s favorite food as a doping for such exercises.

All guinea pigs love going outside to nibble grass and explore new places. If the weather is fine you can go out but be careful and watch your guinea pig. The grass may have chemicals which are very dangerous for guinea pigs. You should also keep them away from other animals in the area. Those small exercises will help you keep your guinea pig in healthy fit and good mood.

Another important thing that every guinea pig owner should keep in mind is that those pets don’t do any tricks like cats or dogs and it’s impossible to train them this way. But anyway you can do some fun things. For example my guinea pig found out that when it hears the sound of refrigerator it means that fresh food is coming. It becomes to squeak like crazy and stands on back legs. If you have any advice or questions you can use the form below to post a comment.