Guinea Pig Grooming

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teethChewing hard things like chew sticks, branches,carrots or even wooden blocks is very important for your guinea pig,because the teeth is growing constantly and piggy has to keep them pared down. This is very important because if the teeth grow long your piggy will feel pain and stop eating at all. You should take a look at guinea pig’s teeth once a month to make sure they look good. If you notice that the teeth are long enough – the only way to help is to keep your pet to the vet and make the teeth trimmed. Remember that healthy teeth is very important to your guinea pig. Sometimes when the piggy don’t get adequate nutrients the teeth may break off and this may cause a lot of pain. Check out Guinea Pig Diet and try to mix everything up to make sure your pet is getting all vitamins that are needed by it’s little body.


trimmingAs you may always know, there are several breeds of guinea pigs that have long hair. Grooming those breeds can be a bit difficult but not so much if you follow the simple instructions. If you have long-haired guinea pig, you should brush it every day to avoid problems. Sometimes the owners forget to do this every day and as the result hair becomes so tangled that the only way out is to shave guinea pig. You should also trim hair every month. On average, the hair growths about on inch/month. You should cut the hair in order to make you piggy feel comfortable while moving. Another great advice is to trim hair around the bottom area to avoid the urine smell. Short-Haired guinea pigs should also brushed but you can do it once a month – that’s the best way to get rid of the dead hair.


guinea pig nailsClipping guinea pig’s nails is very important and you should find out how to do it properly. In the wild, the nails file down with wear, but in captivity don’t.  Just like dogs and cats, the nails of guinea pig can grow too long and hurt you pet or even cause serious injuries. Don’t cut the nails unless you know how because the nails contain blood vessels and if you cut them too short you pet will feel pain and bleed. It’s not an easy task because holding guinea pig while clipping its nails is a difficult task. Try to give your pet it’s favorite food while you can easily clip the nails.