Guinea Pig Pregnancy

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179640-pregnant-guinea-pig-meme-imgur-1lSWIf you bought a pregnant guinea pig or think that your pet is pregnant you should take some actions to provide extra care for the expectant mum. The best way to find out if your guinea is pregnant is to take it to the vet. He will deny or confirm the pregnancy and even give you estimate date. You don’t have much time because the pregnancy of guinea pig lasts 60-70 days.

Usually guinea pigs have litters of 2-4 pups. You have to give the pregnant guinea pig more fresh vegetables and fruits because now she’s eating for the babies too. The good choice is to provide your pet with extra Vitamin C, for example you can add orange juice in the water bottle. Another thing that you have to think about is stress. Try to avoid any stress situation for the pregnant female.  When the time comes, you will notice that your piggy is moving and interacting less and this usually happens before one week.

newbornThe birthing process may take 10-30 minutes. The baby will come one after another but it’s better to be there and watch the whole process because your help may be needed. If you pet begins to squeal or bleed you must rush to the vet and please, never try to deliver the babies on your own.

Even though the newborn guinea pigs eat and act like their parents, they still need milk from mother. They usually drink it once an hour. Keep in mind that after 3-4 weeks the piggies become independent and that’s the ideal time to separate them from mother. You should also keep female and male pigs separated because the females reach sexual maturity very fast.

If you have any questions about guinea pig pregnancy you can ask a question below, through the comment form.