How to tame guinea pig?

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aid714065-728px-Tame-Your-Guinea-Pig-Step-1-Version-2Question : How could i get my guinea pig used to me and tame?

Answer:  The best way to tame your guinea pig and get it used to you is to be patient and interact with it every day. At first, the guinea pig may be very scared because of the new surroundings.  Just be patient and make sure that your piggy has everything : good food, healthy environment and loving owner. Always keep food and water in the cage.  All guinea love hiding so adding some hiding spots in the cage can be a good idea. There are several rules that you should keep in mind while you interact with your pet:

  • Never grab your guinea pig with one hand. Always use both hands to pick up guinea pig.
  • Try not to make loud noises or sudden moves when you are near your guinea pig.
  •  Sometimes when you want to pick up your piggy it may run. Do not chase it around the cage.
  • Guinea pigs love feeling safe and warm, that’s why you can use blanket or something like this to hold your pet.
  • Guineas requires some space to move around and live. Choosing the right cage is very important.
  • Do not use any exercise balls – they are not for guinea pigs.
  • When you are playing with your pet, be very careful because guinea pigs have very tick bones and you can accidentally break one.
  • If you have small kids in the house,  teach them how to interact with little guinea pig.
  • Learn the language of the guinea pigs – Guinea Pig Sounds Explained

If you manage to follow this simple rules, you guinea pig will become familiar with you very quickly. If you have any questions feel free to ask below.