Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig
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Peruvian Guinea PigThe Peruvian Guinea Pig owners say that’s the most beautiful breed. Well, that depends on your taste. I love all of them because they are really cute and amazing creatures. In fact, this is the most rare breed because they are hard to find. But if you found one, please read this tips and advices before buying one, because they need more care and more time to groom that other breeds. So here you are some facts about Peruvian Guinea Pigs:

Peruvian Guinea Pigs considered to be one of the oldest breeds. They are native to Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.This breed has long sleak hair over the face. They are similar to the abyssinian guinea pig breed but have long hair and have only 2 rosette. Keep in mind that because of the long hair, need their hair to be trimmed constantly. You should also groom and bath them regularly, much more than other breeds. The hair of Peruvian Guinea Pig can grow up to 50cm ( about 20 inches).

How to care for a Peruvian guinea pig?

The hair of those breed grows over their eyes, that’s why it’s sometimes difficult to determine what the Peruvian is looking at. In fact, this breed is the most difficult to keep because of the massive hair growth.  They must live in a clean environment be groomed once a day. I advice you to bathe them once a week using the special shampoo and dry their hair quickly. Like all other breeds, their nails should be trimmed every month, this will prevent them from curling and hurting the pigs’ footpad.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Diet

There is no special tips for this breed. The most important is to change the water daily to prevent any problems with health and give your pig vegetables with vitamin c, because their bodies can’t produce it.  If you have any questions about this breed use the comment form below to ask a question.