Silkie Guinea Pig

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Silkie Guinea PigIf you look at the Silkie Guinea Pig you will find out that it looks like a celebrity. Those charming creatures with lovely hair makes them one of the most popular breed.  Silkie pigs become the winner of different show because of their look, because it’s really captivates eyes of the people around. The origins of this guinea pigs is rather interesting. They got their name because of the silky smooth hair. Those breed was discovered in 1970 in the United Kingdom as a result of crossbreeding. Interesting Fact : Europeans call them Shelties but I really don’t understand why. Because of the beautiful look, silkies became popular all over the world and today seem to be the most recognized pets.

Characteristics of the Silkie Guinea Pig

The main reason of the popularity is of course the attractive look of this creatures. The hair of Silkie is very shiny and soft, and kids love to interact with them, as well as other pets. In fact, this breed is rather similar to the Peruvian Guinea Pig, but they have some differences. For example their hair doesn’t cove the head and eyes, it sweeps back that makes them look like a celebrity.  Your Silkie Guinea Pig may appear a little shy at the beginning and it may take a bit more time to become familiar with you but in the end you will discover that they are very gentle and nice creatures.

Silkie Guinea Pig Care Issues

silkieI would not recommend you buying this breed if you have little children or lack of time to take care of them on a daily basis. Their hair is very smooth and this means that you must groom them every day. You should also  brush their hair once a day to make sure that your pet’s hair looks good and little piggy feels comfortable. To keep their hair shiny you should bathe them at least once a week. You can find out how to make this correctly at our website. But if your pet is afraid of the water and gets nervous everytime you try to bathe it, you can use the wet garmet just to wipe down their coat. Remember that the look of your silkie depends on it’s care.

Silkie Guinea Pig Diet

There are not special tips for this breed. You can read the common diet tips for guinea pigs at our website. Just make sure that your pet has fresh water, fruits and vegetables with vitamin C. Also you should give them some space for exercise and keep them entertained. If you have any questions about this breed feel free to post a comment below.