Skinny Guinea Pig

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sknnyThere are a lot of different breeds and all of them differ from each other by the type of hair and it’s length, but the Skinny Guinea Pig is just unique because it doesn’t have hair at all.  Today this breed is not so popular but in the last decades more and more people began to keep those creatures as pets.  The interesting thing about the skinny guinea pigs is that they are not hairless, because they have hair on legs, muzzles and hair.  Sometimes people say that they are shaved, but that’s the common mistake. Skinny pig has smooth skin with wrinkles around the legs and neck.

Origins Of The Skinny Guinea Pig

This breed is the newest one, because it’s existed only 40 years for now. The skinny was discovered in 1978 by Armand Frappier, when he discovered a genetic mutation. Using this mutation he managed to create a new breed and called it Skinny.
Care Tips

skinnyAll hairless pigs including the Skinny are different physiologically from other breeds. Even though they are very energetic and funny, and eat the same food as the other breeds, they have a big difference – lack of hair.  As you know the hair has once function – to protect skin. That’s why Skinny guinea pigs are more sensitive to temperature. It’s better to give them a bit more food to help body maintain fat and in this way higher temperature. Those breed is rather vulnurable to infections and injuries.  It’s not good to take your pet outside the house because of the risks.

Some people love the look of Skinny guinea pig, while others think that they are ugly. Everything depends on your taste but one thing I can say for sure : they can be good friends.  If you have any questions about Skinny Guinea Pigs feel free to ask below.