What kind of bedding should I use in the cage?

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squeekieshayQuestion: What kind of bedding should I use in the cage?

Answer:  Choosing the most suitable bedding is very important for you pet. While choosing you should ensure that it’s free of dust and toxic oils that can harm your guinea pig. There are several types of bedding available and I will tell you about all of them.



This is one of the most popular choice among the guinea pig owners. But it’s important that before buying this kind of bedding you make sure it’s free of chemicals and aromatic oils because they can cause diseases. Also do not use cedar or sawdust bedding to avoid problems with your pet.


Depending on the brand that you choose, some of them may be more absorbent that others. The ideal variant is to use paper bedding with other materials.  The problem is that the good paper bedding is rather expensive


You can’t use fabric bedding only. It should be used with conjunction with another type of bedding. The benefit of this type of bedding is that they are less expensive and can be re-used. As for me – this is not the ideal choice.


This type of bedding is not absorbent and should also be used in conjunction with different type of bedding.  Hay should be replaced daily to prevent bacteria growth.